Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to be built?
Typical turnaround from order is two weeks or based upon our current ramp order schedule.
How do I get a quote?
Call, email or text us for a quote, info, or to order.
Does the location for my ramp need to be pre leveled?
Yes, if the location is a dirt or grass yard and is uneven (topography) or on a slope.

We offer foundation leveling services for separate fee.
Is the mini ramp built on something?
Yes, it will be built on foundation footer blocks when the location is a dirt or grass yard.
How big is a miniramp?
A miniramp is a small scale half pipe that ranges from 1.5'H (micro) up to 5'H in our definition. The width of the miniramp varies depending upon height.
What miniramp is best for me?
Miniramp size & design is personal preference.
Are miniramps only for kids & beginners?
Miniramps are for all ages and ability levels.
What type of ramp surface is weather resistant?
Gatorskins is a premium all-weather ramp surface, it lasts 7+ years in outdoor elements on average under typical conditions.
Will my miniramp require maintenance?
It's recommended to maintenance the ramp at least every 6 months, we offer ramp maintenance services that include typical "tune up" needs and inspection for a flat rate fee. It's very worth it in long run to keep your ramp healthy.
Is my city or county within area for ordering a ramp?
We offer service to central & southern CA.
Can I order if I'm located outside of the area or state?
Yes, we travel to build custom design ramps. (Note: inquires for full scale custom design mini ramps & backyard skate parks only)

For inquires out of area and state please contact us direct and include full address.